Saturday, 14 April 2012

DIY shorts!

                     In today's post I'm wearing a pair of shorts I made a couple 
of days ago.
                     I've always liked transforming my clothes,adding stuff to
 them.This time 
                     I took an old scarf and made summer shorts and the outcome    
                     was wonderful! I found the diy shorts tutorial at this great blog
                          you can learn step by step how to make shorts.
                    Here I'm wearing: cardigan: H&m,white shirt: zara,shorts: by me
 :), bag:
                    h&m, shoes: fullah sugah by skodras.


  1. Casual and lovely!!! Very sweet shorts!!

  2. hi gerou!!
    ωραία αμφίεση και με φόντο το σχολείο μας!! ;P


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