Sunday, 19 May 2013

Park life!

Happy Sunday! Sunday is not usually my favourite day of the week, cause it's got that lazy mood going on and also because it reminds me that the weekend is almost over. But with time I've come to peace with it, and learn somehow to do small activities/things to make this day a relaxing one and boost my energy for the Week to come! Something new in this post I'd like to share is that I finally  had a Tattoo!Woop-woop.
I had two little footsteps tattooed on my wrist and I must say that I really liked the experience of getting a tattoo and this one is not going to be the only one ...So  more to come! Enjoy Sunday and perhaps fill me in on what you do to make this day more bearable? Hope you like the outfit.

T-shirt: Choies ( Similar here )
Boots: Choies ( Similar here )
Dress: Sheinside ( Similar here )

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